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best backpack for high school freshman Buyer Guide 2020

High School is a stage where all middle-school graduates are excited about their new phase of life, i.e., high school/college life. Where this stage of life comes up with many more enjoyments and fun, a bunch of problems and responsibilities come side by side. The best backpack for high school freshman makes a significant difference in their lives by minimizing the efforts. A school backpack is the most important thing for a student in the school. His/her college life revolves around this backpack. So, these should be the best high school backpacks for students in 2020.

Whether you want a high school backpack bag that can be helpful for you while in the gym or it should be the one carrying a laptop or should have that little weight that helps you in walking from your classroom to your basement. All these below-mention different types of bags are characterized for you for your reliability and will make you help in choosing the best backpack for high school. Also, some of these bags are multi-purpose. They can be the best travel backpack carry on and best school backpack at the same time.

Which backpack is best for high school?

Best Backpacks for High School Freshman

Where some people are looking for how to attach an external frame with a backpack? Parents or their children are looking for the best backpacks for college on the other hand. The best low school backpack is the one that can carry all your books, notebooks and provides you with all the needs till the end of the all long periods/lectures while being comfortable, lightweight, affordable, durable, high capacitance, multi-functional and stylish at the same time. Our top picks of backpacks for you to choose from are down below. You may find these the best backpacks for school.

1-Hikpro Packable high school Backpack 20L


Hikpro Packable backpack is best for the ones who do not like to fill their bags with lots of unimportant books and notebooks. Are you one of those who only take those specific things that would be needed on that day? If yes, then this would be going to be the best choice for you. This school backpack can not carry a bunch of useless weight. this high school backpack is super lightweight so it would not be a burden on the student’s shoulder.

It weighs only 7.05 Oz. This ultralight bag balances the weight on your shoulder. The straps are adjustable to adjust your bag pressure on the back and shoulder. It is also foldable Students will find this feature of being roomy really helpful as this 20 liter of internal space will carry a lot of things of you.

Its three zipper compartments, keep your things organized and helps you in finding your items quickly. The main pocket has the most significant space. Outer smaller pockets would provide quick access to your little required things like your pencil box or your tissue. Side mesh pockets of this pack can be used for water bottles. It has made with the Nylon fabric that provides water-resistance to your bag. It is tough, so it is difficult to be ripped. Click here for the best backpack for Gadgets

  • Also, best to be used while traveling or hiking
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Can also carry your laptop
  • Not recommended for students who take large weights
  • The small size of bottle holders
  • No chest belt
  • Slippery strap
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2- Herschel Supply Co Pop Quiz Backpack

Herschel Pop Quiz Classic Backpack This Herschel Pop Quiz high school backpack comes with a high quality 100 percent polyester material that is good enough for a high school bag. It is imported, so there is no compromise on the quality. This backpack also allows you to keep a laptop of 17 inches. To keep your laptop safe and secure in the pack, the laptop compartment is made of fur. In this way, you won’t have to keep your things safe and secure. It has nylon lining on the overall bag.

It is also essential to have easiness in the opening and closing of the bag. This bag also provides hook and loop closure. This bag is 17″ high. This length of the school backpack will work best for tall students. The width of this is 11.25 inches what is the ideal width for any daypack. The signature striped fabric liner makes it more classy.

It also has a front pocket with an internal mesh organizer. Moreover, the key clip is also present there. The roomy main compartment has a bottle-shaped pocket, which can also be used to keep bottles. It is very comfortable as its straps are securely padded, and the back panel is soft and breathy. Also, it is very lightweight. Click here for two laptop backpack

  • Laptop Compartment
  • Easy access
  • Comfortable
  • Do not have a large number of pockets
  • Costly
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3-Jansport right backpack

Jansport right backpack

Many people want to know Which JanSport school backpack is the best for high school? Also, those who want their bags to be classic and in an American style, then you are in the right place. this bag is super durable and utterly stylish with a lifetime warranty. Made from the signature high-quality Denier Cordura / Suede Leather Bottom, it is going to be a partner with you for a long time. It is imported. this backpack is roomy and Attractive also. the JanSport backpack has Comfortable straps.

It has a large main compartment that can keep your large books, laptop, and other accessories. This pocket has a zipper closure. But it does not have any individual separate compartment for a laptop computer. Its front pocket can be used for keeping your small things like credit cash, money, etc. The length of this bag is 46 centimeters. The width is 21 centimeters. These dimensions are ideal to be the best Jansport high school backpack for kids.

It weighs one pound and 4 ounces, so this lightweight feature will allow you to carry it anywhere, anytime.
With the capacity of 31litre, this bag can swallow whatever you put in. This feature makes it better as compared to Hikpro 20L as a large volume is not present in that bag. So the people who want to carry all their heavy school material in the bag can also use this bag.

It is going to be a type of good luck for those. If you want to know how many liters should a high school backpack be? Or something like that than Quora has great answers to this.if you want to know about different backpack types reviews.

  • Classic and simple style
  • Durable and high quality
  • Study and guaranteed
  • Large-volume
  • Do not have multiple pockets
  • The laptop compartment is not present
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4-BLUBOON Canvas Vintage Backpack Leather Women Laptop Travel:        

BLUBOON Canvas Vintage Backpack Leather Trim Casual Bookbag Men Women Laptop Travel Rucksack            

  The best Vintage beautiful and stylish backpack is for both men and women, but because of its sleek looks, women or girls will be going to love this. It is made of genuine canvas leather. It has a beautiful drawstring closure that makes it look super classy and stylish at an affordable price. It will cover all the inside accessories that are in the main compartment with Lots of storage space.

As when this is closed, it covers all areas of the Main Compartment. The magnet closure feature helps in keeping them packed and also provides easiness in closing and opening the backpack. This feature is mostly present in the best backpack for high school freshmen.

The best and central feature of this bag is that it can also be used to keep a laptop and can hold 15.6; laptop. It has a separate sleeve or pouch with a Velcro and Adjustable strap for added security for a laptop that can also be used to keep 15.” tablet or iPad. This feature makes it different and best than the north face youth recon backpack.
The interior pockets keep all your things organized and safe. Quality leather provides long-term use and comfortability at the same time. chack out the best backpack for women 2020.

  • Durable
  • Qualitative leather
  • Comfortable
  • Separate laptop compartment
  • Saggy bottom
  • Not suggested for hikes
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5-Amazonbasics Classic high School Backpack:                    Amazonbasics Classic School Backpack – Black

For those who love to have lots of pockets in their bags, and low price Amazonbasics Classic high School Backpack is the best choice for them. Also, for those who want their high school packs to be small. This backpack seems small but can hold things like any other big backpacks. It has a high volume and water-resistant. The large main compartment is very spacious and is attached with double zipper closure. Moreover, it also has one front pocket for easy access and two side pockets for water-bottle.

Front pocket can be used to keep mobile, keys, or wallet, and side pockets can be used to keep a water bottle. There are two small packets and two pencil pockets inside the front flap. Back inside part also allows you to keep your iPad or small surface laptop of 13inch;
With the lightweight feature, it is going to take care of your shoulders by balancing the weight. Its straps are well padded that will avoid your shoulders to get tired. The customers find it more best than Jansport and other backpacks. Click here for the EVERLANE THE MODERN SNAP BACKPACK REVIEW 2020 

  • Separate laptop Sleeve
  • Multiple pockets
  • Well Padded Shoulders
  • Reasonable price

  • Shoulder straps are not that much wider
  • Non-elastic side pockets
  • Not recommend other than school
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6-Oscaurt Anti-theft college Backpack:Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack

Oscaurt Anti-theft college Backpack is best for those who often face thieves. It is sad, but we can’t deny this fact that we live in a society where thieves are everywhere, so it up to us to protect ourselves and our things from them. This bag is a modern look and perfect in helping us with the safety of our items. this backpack is designed with anti-theft technology that would never allow the thief to steal anything from the bag.

The zipper present in the main pocket is hidden in the back of the back panel. The secret pocket at the back of the bag will keep all valuable things safe from the thief. Another benefit of this bag is that on the outer side, it has a built-in USB charger, and charging cable that is also built-in is on the inside of the backpack. In this way, you can charge your mobile anytime, anywhere, through a power bank. Click here for best laptop backpack

There is a separate compartment of 15.6 inches for a laptop that is made with high-quality velvet fabric to keep your laptop protected. Its main compartment has pockets that can keep your mobile, charger, wallet, stationery, or any other thing. At the front of the bag, there is a reflective stripe that can secure your bag more at night. this bag is very very comfortable. The straps are padded and adjustable.the bag is lightweight that will be light on the
student’s shoulder. It has pockets, but the pockets are less as compared to the Jansport TDN7 backpack. Click here if you are biker best Backpacks for Motorcycle Helmets buyer guide 2020

  • Laptop compartment
  • Anti-theft technology
  • Lightweight

  • Less number of pockets
  • Not organized
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7-The North Face Youth Recon Squash school Backpack, The North Face Youth Recon Squash Backpack, TNF Black/High Rise Grey

This backpack is specifically designed to give all the features of a good high school backpack in one. It is made while keeping the youth in mind as this bag is for first-year high school students. Its adjustable straps are in a way that can fit any youth shoulder. As this is a unisex bag so both girls and boys can use this one. It can be one of the best backpacks for high school girls.

Its multiple pockets give easy access to the students and save time as they won’t have to put off their bag every time to get their things. It also has internal pockets that can correctly be used to keep lunch tickets. It also has side mesh pockets to keep water bottles in them. About the separate laptop compartment, it is the same as Jansport’s right backpack as it also does not have the one different part. Its large main compartment can hold 9.5inchs * 12inchs folders. Click here for the best camera backpack

An internal zippered pocket is also present in this bag. To keep your back avoid the pain, Its back panel is made in a way to provide comfort. If you concern about, What North Face backpack is best for high school? Then the answer is this backpack as this is the best north face backpack for high school. what backpack should I get for high school? Review 2020

  • Plenty of space
  • Internal pockets
  • High quality

  • Straps might be small for some
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8-Laptop Backpack, Anti Theft Water Resistant College School Book Backpack:  Laptop Backpack, Anti Theft Water Resistant College School Bookbag Backpack

Many college students need to carry a laptop with them, even in high school and the class. It requires having a bag that can take all the things for study as well as a laptop. This backpack is a perfect example of this. It is in an ideal size that allows you to keep 15.6″ laptop 14 inches Macbook. There is a separate space to hold a laptop, so this is best as compared to Jansport’s right backpack.

It also has main pockets where you can also keep your iPad, binders, charger, books, etc. Its inside pockets allow you to keep your mobile phones etc. Its side pockets give you reliability by making you retain water bottles there. The front pockets can be used to keep things that you need time by time.

All these compartments will hold your items organized. You can also use this for business purposes, travel purpose, or even for carrying a laptop only. It also has a built-in USB charger outside and a built-in charging cable on the inside. Through your power bank, you can quickly charge your mobile. this backpack is super comfortable and lightweight. Also, as this is easy to carry, so many travelers like this backpack. The straps are well padded that does not make the bag heavy on your shoulder.

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  • Multiple Compartments
  • Separate compartment for laptop
  • Can also be used for traveling and business purpose

  • The inside straps are not adjustable
  • You may not receive lock with the bag
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9-JanSport TDN7 Big Student Backpack:JanSport TDN7 Big Student Backpack

This backpack is made up of 600 Denier polyester, which is known for its high quality. Another reason for its durability is that this is imported. This bag with classic style has many more features. The volume of this bag is more than the other bags. Also, it has multiple pockets. It has three front pockets and two side pockets for more space, more reliability, and easy access.

You can keep your snacks, stationery, credit cards, ID card, or school card in the front pockets while the side pockets would be used for holding water bottles or any other long jar. It has so much volume that you can keep your laptop, books, and notebooks in this bag very easily. It seems like possibly made for high school students.

This bag is super lightweight. high school backpacks should not be heavy, so this is a plus point. Its straps are adjustable. The fabric of this bag does not allow your shoulder to be in pain. Due to its multiple pockets, your all things remain completely organized, and you find your required things easily and quickly. It also comes with a lock so you won’t have to worry about the security of your things.

  • Large-volume
  • Easy to carry
  • Multiple pockets

  • The zipper may break after some months
  • Not guaranteed
  • Straps can stress your shoulders.
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10-Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack:                                                                                  Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack

This backpack is best for those students who want to have a large volume in the bag and wants to carry many things. If you or your children are one of those who cannot come home to change their dress and want to bring their clothes to the high school so that they can wear while other activities, then this is also best for those. This imported bag is made of 81 percent polyester and 19 percent Nylon.

The combination of both materials will also provide benefits for both materials. It has a fabric lining. To open and close the bag, it has a zipper closure. Inside the bag, it has three internal pockets. You can keep valuable important or last things there. Its five exterior pockets will keep all your items organized. It also has a laptop compartment that can hold 15 inches of laptop. Its straps are also adjustable.

  • Large-volume
  • Sleek design

  • Outer zippers are of low quality
  • Straps are not durable
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Best Backpacks for High School Freshman:

The overall best backpacks for high school are Amazonbasics Classic School Backpack – Black and Herschel Pop Quiz Classic Backpack

the best cheap backpacks for high school is Amazonbasics Classic School Backpack – Black and HIKPRO 20L.

Final words

The studies are getting tough day by day. Students promoting to the next class really find it hard so it is necessary to choose the backpack with all the features that can provide reliability to the students. We have mentioned all the best backpack for high school freshmen. Go through all the products, read its details, its pros, and cons, and find what may work best for you.

The main feature to check is Durability, Size, Multiple Compartment, Separate laptop compartment (if you
required) and it’s lightweight. A backpack is the most crucial thing that revolves around the student so never compromise on the quality and the pack. Choose the best and open the products to buy the one you want. or more information visit Quora 

What is the best high school backpack for students?


How big should my backpack be for high school?

A high school backpack of 21 to 30 liters is enough for high school. This is the most common size for a high school backpack. This size has enough space for items, unlike other sizes which have less or more than necessary space. Your bag should have many small pockets so that small items can be placed there

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