Best Two Laptop Backpack Buyer guide 2020

Mostly IT professionals, Technicians, work commuters, and frequent travelers have more than one laptop, so you are not alone who is searching for Two Laptop Backpack. Most professionals use a separate laptop for office work/ job and the personal laptop for their own life or individual work. Some times you may need two different IP addresses on various laptops, or you may use two laptops for two different jobs. So most people want to carry their laptops with themselves, and they need a Laptop Backpack solution.

Most of the peoples want a single backpack with two separate padded/containers. We cannot carry and use two different backpacks for two laptops and also cannot compromise our need for dual laptops. The most backpacks available in stores are for only one laptop — however, now famous brands design backpacks to fulfill the requirement of two laptops. In our article, we are going to give you complete information about Two Laptop Backpacks and will guide you about the best material and features of the laptop backpacks. and for best-traveling backpacks click here.

Two Laptop Backpack

Two Laptop Backpack

What is a good Laptop Backpack – What to Consider in Laptop Backpack:

Many things must consider before buying a laptop backpack. What is a good Laptop Backpack? First of all, you have to think about “Why are you going to buy a laptop Backpack?  Write down all your needs and usage of laptop backpack then buy a backpack according to your needs. The following things must consider before purchasing any Laptop Backpack.

i. Size of the Laptop Backpack:

Your laptop backpack is not for laptops only, you can use it for school and college also. You must have to carry other accessories of your laptop in your bag, and you want to take a few essential things of your own need in your laptop backpack. Therefore, your laptop backpack should be large enough to comfortably accommodate all accessories along with your laptop in the Backpack. visit here for best travel backpack

The laptop backpack may have separate pockets for single or dual laptops (according to your need) and a pocket for the charger. You also have a requirement of extra pockets in Backpack to carry your cell phone and its charger, sunglasses, keys, wallet, gloves, and all other essentials according to your needs. You have to consider your laptop backpack for storage of all things because you can not carry another shoulder bag with you for other should read the best backpack for nick pain if you have shoulder nick pain problem.

Laptops can not move freely inside your Backpack, and it is also not safe in a very tight/ fit compartment. You also have to care about the laptop compartments. The size of your Backpack depends on the compartment size of your laptops. If you are buying two Laptop Backpack, then you have to consider some extra things. You need two proper padded compartments according to the size of laptops.

The standards size of laptops is 15-16 and 17 inches. You may have some extra laptop, and if you have two laptops in different sizes, then you need a backpack for a laptop with two different sizes of dedicated, padded compartments. It is essential to make sure that compartments are large enough to carry your laptops in the best position.

ii. Weight of the Laptop Backpack:

You have to carry two laptops or a single laptop and all of the necessary paraphernalia in your Backpack. This weighted Backpack can be weighty to carry around, especially if you have to travel, then the weight of your Backpack itself and all other loads may be a problem to carry. Therefore the weight of your laptop backpack needs to be as lightweight as possible.

Laptops are portable equipment, and you must need other accessories along with laptops. It is also possible that you have to travel to any other picnic spot after your office, so your Backpack should be very comfortable and easy to carry.

iii. Quality of Material and Durability of Laptop Backpack: 

No one like to change his Backpack after few months due to quality problem. The protection level of your laptop backpack is one of the most fundamental aspects. Your laptop backpack has provided care to your laptop and other equipment from drops and knocks and also from a wet environment. Your laptop backpack must be waterproof or at least water-resistant. The material of the laptop bag should too easy to clean from inside and outside.

Only consider backpacks that have durable, resistant, and won’t rip or tear the material. If you want to use your laptop backpack is in a warm environment, then you have to go for the meshed back of the bag for the safety of your skin to avoid the sweaty back. The padded back of the Backpack also considers if you are in a cold environment or have to travel long with your Backpack.

iv. Straps of Laptop Backpack

If your laptop backpack is a single laptop bag, then you need strong strips, and if you are going to buy Two Laptop Backpack, then you must need sturdy padded straps that can carry the weight of two laptops along with all other accessories.  If your hands are entirely free, then you can use your mobile phone for connectivity on social
media, or you can enjoy the warmness of a hot cup of coffee in cold weather.

So it is recommended that your Backpack must have durable and robust padded straps that can carry all the weight on your shoulders without the need of your hands.  The backpack straps should be comfortable for your shoulders. If the straps are not soft/ padded, then you may feel rashes on your skin. The length of straps is also considerable according to your height and body structure. The straps should not strain or very loose.

We recommend adjustable straps for your Backpack. So you can adjust straps according to the most comfortable
position for your body.

v. Compartments for Laptop and other Pockets: 

A well-designed laptop backpack should have multiple pockets to store laptop accessories and other things securely.
First of all, your laptop compartments must be well padded for the safety of laptops. You are going to buy two laptop backpack, then compartments of both laptops should secure and well designed so you can store your laptops safely from damage and knocks.

You also need additional secure pockets in Backpack for holding laptop chargers without squashing and tangling. You also need some small pockets with a zip to store your USB devices, hand free and other little things.  You have to keep your wallet, car or home keys, cell phone, pen and note pad, etc. in different pockets. Just make sure your things are safe from scratching or damage, and your laptop backpack can keep your devices safe in any busy place.

The most important thing to know about Two Laptops is, “Can I carry two laptops on a plane?” During our research, we have found many persons use two or more laptops for different purposes, but they are afraid to travel on airlines with more than one laptop. We have searched following in reply to the question, “Can I carry two laptops on a plane?” You can bring laptops on a plane.

There is no limit on laptops. We have not found any particular post at the “Transport Security Administration” Website about carrying two laptops. You may have to take multiple laptops on board, but you have to be placed laptops in separate bins before the screening. Just note one thing in mind that you may bring one or two laptops for your personal use, it is ok but if you start bringing several new laptops, then it may an issue with the customs department.

Best Laptop Backpack:

There are many laptop backpacks available in the market in stores. You have to select the Best Laptop Backpack for you according to the size of your laptop and requirement. If you are carrying two laptops, then you need a two laptop backpack. It is tough to know which one laptop backpack is best for your needs and lifestyle. You may have to go to university or the office with your Backpack.and you visit the best camera backpack also.

We have selected the best laptop backpack for your comfort, look, and according to functionality.  The best laptop backpack is big enough to hold your laptop, charger, other accessories, and your belongings, and the Backpack should offer protection to your devices. The Backpack should look attractive while you are wearing it.

There are many different laptop backpacks in various sizes, shapes, and colors. How do you select the best laptop backpack? There is no one best laptop for all users, and every user has to purchase a laptop according to his requirement. Same as there is no best laptop backpack for all laptops and users. If you are a student, then you need to store multiple notebooks, textbooks, laptops, chargers and pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, scale, and another geometry set, etc.

You also have to carry a bottle of water and a lunch box with you. You need multiple pockets in your laptop backpack for different uses. The laptop backpack is also varying in features. There are multiple features available in backpacks. Some backpacks have USB charging ports, and they get energy through the solar system. Few backpacks have anti-theft compartments. Some have waterproof or water-resistant features.

You may select a lightweight laptop backpack in different color schemes. We will suggest you go for lightweight laptop backpack options because if your Backpack already has its weight, then you have to carry extra weight always. The lightweight laptop backpacks are easy to carry, and there are ergonomic for your health.

Minimalist Laptop Backpack:

Many people don’t like the heavy backpacks, and they feel tired of elaborate, flashy laptop backpacks. The logos on flashy backpacks also not attract all persons. Minimalist Laptop Backpack is precisely the best option for a laptop that can full fill need. Here are few top picks of Minimalist Laptop Backpack for information and your purchasing:

1- EBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack – Anti Theft – for School & Business, Travel -Fits 17″

EBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack – Anti Theft - for School & Business, Travel -Fits 17

This eBags professional laptop backpack is available in four attractive primary colors that are Solid Black, Sage Green, Brushed Indigo, and Heather Graphite. If you need multiple pockets, then this is the best Laptop Backpack available with several different pockets. You also can use this bag in summer (warm weather) without any side effects on your skin because the back panel of this slip bag is made of breathable air-mesh material.

You also can adjust its straps according to the height and structure of your body. The design of this professional backpack is beautiful. You will feel surprised to know about the feature lockable laptop backpack compartment for security. This bag also has a crush-proof pocket that keeps safe the charger of a laptop. You also can store a water bottle in a zippered pocket. And can save papers, notes in a special pouch. Business cards also can store in the card
pockets. There are also multiple small pockets to store various small accessories.

  • Breathable Mesh Backpack
  • Anti-Theft Pocket
  • Several small pockets for extra accessories
  • Secure for your laptop device
  • Don’t have USB charger ports
  • Best only for 17 Inch Laptop

Buy on Amazon

2- XD Design Bobby – USB Port (Unisex Bag) – XL 17″ Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack     

XD Design Bobby - USB Port (Unisex Bag) - XL 17" Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack If you want minimalist design laptop backpack, then stop here because this is the best minimalist laptop backpack. It is made of a very famous brand XD Design. You will find all the best great features here in this fantastic minimalist laptop backpack. You can charge your mobile and other devices through an integrated USB charging port available in the laptop backpack. you can use it for the DSLR camera also.

The USB charging port is very needful if you are traveling and out of your home. You can enjoy illuminating safety strips during your walk or cycling. This laptop backpack keeps your laptop and other devices safe in the rain with its water repellent fabric material. You can adjust the straps of the backpack according to the comfort of your body.
The top of the backpack is shockproof that provides extra safety to your electronic devices.

  • Water repellent fabric material
  • USB charging port
  • Shockproof
  • Available only in black color

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3- Baggallini Brussels Laptop Backpack Black                                               


If you are looking for a lightweight laptop backpack, then you are in the right place. This backpack is the best minimalist laptop backpack that is a bit more stylish, and it is a particular brand of Baggallini. You can carry this backpack the whole day it is weightless. The material of the backpack is also water-resistant nylon that provides safety to your devices in the rain and wet environment.

You can organize your laptop and other things in different multi-functional pockets of the bag. You will also enjoy the quick-access phone pocket, which is convenient for you. You will enjoy the comfortably padded compartments of the bag and the adjustable straps. You also can store up to 5 credit cards in slots.

  • Lightweight Laptop Backpack
  • Water Resistant Material
  • Different Multifunctional pockets
  • Not much suitable for men

View on Amazon

4- S-ZONE Sling Canvas Cross Body 13 inch laptop backpack                                                                  S-ZONE Sling Canvas Cross Body 13 inch laptop backpack 

The fantastic 13-inch laptop backpack by S-Zone has multiple compartments to store different types of accessories. S-Zone uses top quality PU leather and durable canvas material in this best laptop backpack. The 13-inch laptop backpack is best to save your small size laptop or a big-screen tablet. You also can adjust the straps of the backpack as a single shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.

The buckles on the top flap have a magnetic snap for easy and secure access of top pocket. This backpack is a small, lightweight backpack that is best to use as a daypack traveling. You also can gift this bag to your family member or any friend. The coffee and dark gray colors are also attractive for both boys and girls.

  • Lightweight backpack
  • A small backpack can use as a daypack
  • PU Leather
  • Not fully Padded
  • Small backpack

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5- Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port and Headphone Compartment, Fits 12-16 inch laptop and Notebook, Waterproof

Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port and Headphone Compartment, Fits 12-16 inch laptop and Notebook, Waterproof

What is the best tech backpack? Yes, you found it. This fantastic backpack has a USB charging port and also has a safe compartment to store headphones. This bag has individual three main pockets, two sealed side pockets, and nine small inner pockets so you can store multiple needful things in your can use also for low school.

You also can use this bag as a two laptop backpack or can use it as a 13-inch laptop backpack with a facility to store other tablets, textbooks, iPad, wallets, books, clothes, water bottles, and many more. This laptop backpack is an ergonomic backpack that has a fitted shoulder belt. The material of the belt is honeycomb dampness breathable that is best for your shoulders, and you can carry your backpack on shoulders during a long walk on the whole day. You also can wash this bag in the machine or on hands.

  • Have many compartments
  • Ergonomic S-shaped straps
  • Lightweight
  • USB Charging port
  • Headphone compartment
  • Available only in one color

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6- SOCKO best 18-inch laptop backpack – Nylon Water-Resistant Durable Travel Bag – Hiking Knapsack Rucksack Backpack

SOCKO best 18-inch laptop backpack - Nylon Water-Resistant Durable Travel Bag - Hiking Knapsack Rucksack Backpack

This backpack is the best 18-inch laptop backpack with a large thick foam-padded compartment. The second compartment has a dual zipper system and also usable for big items such as clothes, books, other laptops, etc. The airflow back of the backpack is very ergonomic and very supportive for your back. You also can use the unique handle of the bag or adjustable padded straps to carry your weight can use this backpack for a business tour also.

The stylish material of the backpack is durable nylon that is anti-scratch and water-resistant. You can store multiple accessories in front and side pockets. It is tough to find such a large size backpack in just a weight of 3.5 pounds. You can carry various small items in small pockets of the bag. Overall this is the best 18-inch laptop backpack available on the Amazon store.

  • Two large size padded compartments
  • Water-Resistant
  • Anti Scratch
  • Durable Material
  • Light Weight
  • No USB Charging Ports
  • Difficult to carry such a large backpack

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We have discussed in detail about Best Laptop Backpack and Two Laptop Backpack. We also find some other backpacks that are for the use of a single laptop, but you can use them for carrying two laptops. We also shared our top search for a few small laptop backpacks. We have discussed tech laptop backpacks that have the facility of USB Charging.

Laptop Backpacks are being used for multiple purposes instead of only storage and carry of a single laptop. Now you can store your electronic equipment safely on a backpack along with your other things such as clothes, water bottles, etc. Your laptop backpacks are also able to charge your mobile phone through USB Charging options. You can carry your laptop and other accessories in a laptop backpack more efficiently and safely.

We will continue our search and will share it with you soon. If you also have any experience with any laptop backpack, then you can share it with us through comments. you can visit Quora for more information You can also ask any questions about the backpack, and we will try to answer that with our experience and research abilities.

What is the best backpack for laptops?

  • SwissGear Ibex Laptop Backpack.
  • Osprey Packs Nebula Daypack.
  • Everki Titan Backpack.
  • The North Face Borealis Backpack.
  • Jansport Cool Student Backpack.
  • Herschel Supply Co.
  • Lil & Drew Daypack Backpack
  • MATEIN Slim Travel Backpack
  • Case Logic DLBP
  • Targus Vertical Laptop Backpack
  • High Sierra Riprap Padded Backpack
  • Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack
  • Briggs & Riley Kinzie Street Flapover Expandable Backpack

Can I carry two laptops in one backpack?

Most laptop backpacks have only one laptop place, but many laptop backpacks large enough to fit overall two backpacks. So, you can place two laptops in one bag but you have to check there should be enough space.

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