How to Attach a Sleeping Bag to The Outside of a Backpack

How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack? Review 2020

Today’s post is more important than usual, but I heard that some new hikers asked the question of how to pack a tent in a backpack? So I want to share it here. How does that fit into a backpack or put a tent on it? What do you do when wet? You should know the ideal way to pack one of the most cumbersome items in incorrectly packed backpacks can cause injuries and strain your back.

How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack? 

When the tent packed correctly, you will find the next outdoor event more enjoyable. To know about how to pack your tent in a backpack. At first, I did some research and asked about the work of other hikers around, just to see if my work was  “normal” To my surprise, several hikers suggested only tamping and Fall asleep and pack them in your stuff or contractor’s Bag and place them on the bottom of the Bag.

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However, I never want to put my dirty wet tent and sleeping bag in one bag click here for how to attach a sleeping bag to your backpack. What I have to do is that I always stuff my tent and stakes into the sacks that come with it. It is then usually packaged vertically, in my packaging, and on both sides of the food bag (the food bag is in the middle).

If I had to pack my tent after it rained, first I would try to hang around the camp and let it ventilate. Then I shoved the wet tent back into its bag and started packing as usual. Since the weather is very wet, I put the tent in my Backpack but placed it outside the backpack lining/packing bag, and then gently pushed it into the normal position, so it still fits my other gear, but it does not fit all my stuff inside Dry things.

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Importance of Properly Packing of the Backpack:

We don’t have enough pressure to pack your Backpack correctly, as this will affect your comfort while hiking or backpacking trip. If the Backpack packaged correctly, you could feel fatigue-free for hours, thanks to the proper weight distribution. On the other hand, poor back packaging can cause back pain, cause you to rest often, not easily access your gear and affect your overall hiking experience. You can Pack your Tent inside the Backpack Compartment our Outside the Backpack through Internal or External Frames and strips.

How Can I know the Frame is Internal or External:

How Can I know the Frame is Internal or External

There are many differences between internal and external frame backpacks, albeit primarily in appearance. Although the inner frame is usually thin with a lid on the top, the outer frame is generally square to accommodate larger equipment. In general, the internal frame is lighter, although some exceptions may found on the outer part of an ultra-light design.

How do you pack a tent in an internal frame backpack? You just want always to make sure you pack your wet tent, unpack it and dry it as soon as possible to avoid your other things to come wet! Because that’s a pity.
The following are a few tips that will guide how to pack a tent in a hiking backpack properly.

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     Internal Frame Backpack

How to Pack an External Frame Backpack

Backpacks with internal frames have more space than backpacks with external frames. This extra space makes it easier to pack a tent inside the Backpack. When picking up the Backpack, consider the size of the tent. Larger tents will require larger backpacks and vice versa. for the best backpack for hiking

If you have already purchased a frame pack and are concerned that the tent is too large, consider preparing a compression bag. These bags will help you strap the tent as tightly as possible.

     pack your tent in a flat, long shape

pack your tent in a flat, long shape

Pack the tent pole in a bag and align the Bag along the side of the tent, instead of the center. Power poles help support the tent when you put it away.

        Roll the Tent

Roll the Tent

Make sure the pole bag aligned with its side. It will ensure that the tent rolled up as straight as possible, and a pole bag used to provide support and base for the tent. After a few rolls, place the tent bag in a similar position. The purpose is to provide more support for the tent. Continue to roll up the tent.

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      Pack the Tent into its Bag

Pack the Tent into its Bag


Middle poles and clothes pouch pockets make handling easier by providing central support. You should only pack your luggage when the tent is dry. Packing wet tents is complicated, and the weight of the tent is also heavier.

      Packing of Heavier and Lighter Items in the Backpack

Packing of Heavier and Lighter Items in the Backpack

If you have a lot of things to pack in your Backpack, then how to put on a backpack? Hiking involves many walking activities, so it’s important to pack only 30% of your Backpack’s weight. Lighter items should place on top of the Backpack, and heavier items should put further down.

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       Pack Tent in The Middle of the Backpack

Pack Tent in The Middle of the Backpack

Your sleeping bag should always be on the bottom of the Backpack, as it can be cumbersome and always the last item removed from your sleeping bag. The tent should be placed directly above the sleeping bag or as close to the middle as possible. Having the tent in the middle means that one of your heaviest items will not put too much pressure on your back. Best budget sleeping bag for backpacking buyer guide 2020

Consider packing your tent vertically or horizontally. Vertical placement makes the tent more comfortable to access when you need to remove it, while horizontal placement makes it easier to pack other items on top of the tent.
Now you can enjoy your hiking with an easy packing of your Backpack because you know very well how to pack a backpack for a weekend.

I hope you have learned the best way to pack your Backpack. However, if you are going for a full week to hiking then you have many things to carry with you. Can you pack all the stuff of a whole week in your Backpack?

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Packing of Tent outside the Backpack:

How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack?  

If you have more items to pack in your bag or your pack is small, and you cannot wrap your tent inside Hiking packs, then I have one other way that is carrying a tent on outside of the pack. I am going to explain the method. Just need your full attention so you can learn properly and can question through comments in case of any queries.     

 The requirement of a Hiking pack with an External Frame:

Although you can use an internal frame pack, the outer frame designed to secure the tent and other items outside of Backpack. You can pack more things outside the Backpack without worrying about the space.

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        Your Tent is Suitable for External Packing

Your Tent is Suitable for External Packing

Both outer and an internal frame pack with plenty of compression straps are perfect for attaching tents to the outside. Before installing the tent, make sure the compression straps and frames are in good working order.

      Disadvantages of the Packing of the Tent outside the Backpack

disadvantages for the packing of the tent outside the backpack

There are many advantages to having a tent outside a backpack, but there are also some disadvantages. The most significant disadvantage is the possibility of hooking a tent. Because the tent is outside, it is more susceptible to damage from tree branches and other sharp objects. If the tent is stuck on a branch, the branch may cut the tent and may damage the tent.

Another risk of keeping the tent outside is that it may fall off the Backpack. Put the tent inside and you can rest assured that it is safe. However, if you leave the tent outside, it is always possible to disconnect the tent and you may not have a tent during your hiking.

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        Ensure the Protection of Tent in Rain

Ensure the Protection of Tent in Rain

Although the tent is waterproof, if the tent is filled with water, it may adversely affect you and your tent. Use zip-lock bags or other waterproof bags to store the tent to protect it from the outside elements.

       Use of Closed-Loop Ties for External Packing of Tent

Use of Closed-Loop Ties for External Packing of Tent

If your Backpack has loops, then do you know how to use backpack loops? These loops pass through closed loops at both ends, so if your tent happens to slip off, it will still attach to the Backpack. By using this type of loop, you can at least rest assured that you will not lose your tent in nothingness. Although a closed-loop tie works best, any secure knot is sufficient for the job.

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        Attachment of the Tent at the Bottom of Backpack

Attachment of the Tent at the Bottom of Backpack

It is best to place the tent on the bottom of the package for external packaging. This external packing of the tent can reduce the burden on your back and reduce the chance of hurting yourself. Placing the tent on the bottom of the Backpack is much easier than installing it on the top of the Backpack, which makes walking and moving the Backpack very awkward.

How do you pack clothes in a hiking backpack?

disadvantages for the packing of the tent outside the backpack

Now you know how do you pack a backpack for camping? But do you also see how you will pack your clothes and other things with you? This method has no secret. Just pull the excess air out of your clothes and shape the packaging cube into a shape that fits your Bag more dynamically.

That’s it! When you roll your clothes, you are just reshaping rather than compressing. It does not take up all the space in your Backpack. Pack your clothes into a backpack like playing Tetris. Make your clothes better fit your Backpack by controlling the area it takes up. Plus, most of the unwanted air is still in the clothes.

An excellent example of compact packaging is simply looking at why Japan harvested square watermelons? For an interesting example, I know, but because they are square, they are better suited for the refrigerator. All you have to do is take this concept and apply it to your here for the best backpack for thru-hiking

You want your clothes to fit your Backpack perfectly, allowing all white space to use. The two-round watermelons in the refrigerator create a lot of unused space that you can use to pack other things. When using a compressed airtight dry bag, you can shape the Bag to fit the space in the Backpack better, providing more space for other items. visit here for the best travel backpack.

You don’t need to buy the cheap plastic vacuum bags often seen in TV stores. A pure outdoor brand sealed dry Bag can also solve the problem. If the dry Bag is waterproof, the Bag is airtight. You should check the top of the dry Bag and make sure that the edges and clips hold the bag well and keep it airtight to lock the vacuum.

In the picture above, you can see an excellent example of the firm clips and edges on the drying bag, and this is what you should pay attention to ensure a good vacuum-tight lock. Another added benefit of dry bags is that they also keep clothes waterproof.

I also saw that backpackers use standard supermarket plastic bags, they can’t use for a long time, and they make a lot of noise when packing, which is not a good idea for your other backpackers.

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How to Attach a Sleeping Bag to The Outside of a Backpack?

How to Attach a Sleeping Bag to The Outside of a Backpack

First, your sleeping bag must have a belt, and second, your Backpack should have a loop on the back panel. Once both install, you simply pull the strap through the circle and tighten everything. Now you know how to attach a sleeping bag to here for the best sleeping backpack.

The downside is that not every Backpack has these loops, and not every rucksack has a belt. However, I do need to mention that you can purchase the handbag separately. I think this option is most useful when the carry bag is lost-this is usually the case. When you buy a new belt, in addition to the appropriate adjustable strap, you should also ensure that the Bag is waterproof and durable. Even if the mesh is better at storage, stick to nylon.


Now you know how to pack a tent in a backpack? The purpose of packaging is to make the items you often need easy to access, and at the same time, make the weight of the package lower and closer to you so that the weight of the items in the package will not pull back. Click here for Top-rated backpacks

It may take some packing and repacking until you make the Backpack feel balanced and not heavy, but once
the system is down, you can avoid back soreness, shoulder soreness, or trip. In this article, you learned how do you pack a backpack for camping, how to pack your tent in a backpack by carrying it inside and outside. You also learned the packing of your clothes in the Bag and to attach your sleeping bag with your Backpack.

Before you start traveling, practice packing your tent at home, so you understand the disadvantages and advantages of using both backpacks, depending on the Backpack you use. Sometimes it doesn’t seem necessary to carry this tedious outfit, but this is one of the most important things you can do for hiking trips. for more visit quora

You also can share your hiking experience with us. Moreover, if you have any questions relating to Backpacks or about this article, please, feel free to ask through comments.

Can you fit a tent in a backpack?

You have two chooses: internal Frame Backpack and External Frame Backpack. For an Internal backpack, place your sleeping bag inside the bottom of your bag. Sleeping bags are heavy, and you do not need to be pulled out except when you are done hiking, so get them out of the way. 

Strap your tent poles to the outside, either horizontally at the top, or vertically near the water containers or bottom of the pack.

For the external backpack, place your sleeping pack, and tent neatly rolled in one giant stuff sack and strapped it to the bottom section of the backpack.

Can you put a tent away wet?

If you put your wet tent in the bag, then there are many chances it will be covered in mildew or mold when you next use it. Therefore, if it gets wet before packing it, you should dry them as soon as possible. 

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