how to put patches on a backpack Review in 2020

how to put patches on a backpack Review in 2020

Nowadays it’s a typical question that how to iron on patches or sew them to backpack. This article will be quite helpful for you and will show you how to put patches on a backpack either by sewing or by iron?

If you are a traveler who collects patches from different countries or you are one of the genius students who win lots of badges from their institution or you are like those people who are keen on putting patches on their backpacks?  Then this article is perfect for you.

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Firstly you should be aware of which backpack you can choose for putting patches or which is the best backpack to put patches?

For all of us, the awesome backpack is as important as patches that we put on it. And we have to choose the best backpack that will absolutely look perfect along with patches.

Don’t worry, I have created a list of some best backpack that I really like and you can easily buy to put patches on. 

  • Topo Designs
  • Filson
  • Tanner Goods
  • Billingham
  • Brooks England
  • Bradley Mountain
  • Barbour
  • Take

Here is the list of the best backpack brands that are quite good for putting patches.

Bradley Mountain is the best backpack for heavy loads and you can also use an external frame?

Iron the patch on the polyester backpack?

Iron the patch on the polyester backpack?

How to put patches on a backpack and iron the patch on the polyester backpack if you have already a backpack that is made up of polyester and you are looking for how to iron the patch on the polyester backpack? It’s ok you can put patches on your polyester backpack too but you have to be pretty much careful while placing the iron over the patch

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Let’s start with the selection of the patches, as we all know that some backpacks itself are big and as well as heavy. This is the main reason that you have to be careful when you are selecting the patches for your backpack. Don’t put a large number of patches if your backpack is big and heavy.

Because if you put a lot of patches then your backpack will look a bit massive and I think it will look irritating. In my opinion, you can also be a bit choosy about the color combination of the patches. You should keep in mind the color of your backpack while looking for patches. Choose only those patches for your backpack about which you definitely sure that it will look eye-catching.

Have a look at what are the different ways of putting patches on your backpack. There are three different ways to put patches on a backpack. It depends on the material of your backpack that which way you should choose to put the patch

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You can iron-on patch, you can paste the patch by using glue or you can sew the patch on your backpack, as I said it depends on the stuff of your backpack. 

You can also choose two methods at the same time for better security because sometimes it happens that the patch gets detach from your backpack. Firstly you have to check about the material of your backpack after that you can decide which way you have to go. 

how to put a patch on the jersey

If you are in a hurry and want to stick patches quickly on to your backpack or if you are one of those how are finding how to put a patch on jersey than you should attach the patches by using the iron-on method. It is pretty much simple and can be done in only 3 minutes, for this application you just need an iron and a piece of cloth. 

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Turn on the iron and set it at the highest temperature setting then you have to put the iron on the cloth or on the side of the bag to make sure that the iron got warm. After that, you have to carefully put the patch on the desired place of your backpack. You are done!

Now put the piece of cloth over the patch that will help you to prevent the patch from getting a burn or to get few rounds of iron. That’s it, looking simple and easy.

But remember one thing ironed on patches is not that much reliable way. Similarly, only the use of glue is also not that reliable that why I’m recommending you to sticks your favorite patch on your backpack by using glue then sew it. There is no doubt that sewing is a permanent application, as we all know.

How to put patches on Jansport backpack

If you are looking for how to put patches on Jansport backpack then you also have to choose the sewing method because it is quite risky to iron on the Jansport backpack. There is a chance to melt the fabric, just stick to the article to make me let you know about sewing.

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Additionally, if you have a backpack that is made up of fiber, nylon, or any synthetic material then the iron does not support it to put the patch. Because of this reason we have to choose a glue method that is a necessary step in most cases.

Let’s move on the second and the most reliable method that will allow you to put patches on your backpack by sewing as well as by using glue.  I would like to suggest that you should go for this method because together glue and sewing provide you great security and durability for your patches.

I know you are thinking about the best glue for patches on a backpack and from where you can get it. Quite simple and easy just go to Amazon, eBay, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or any other online store and get your desired glue to apply on the patch. You can use any glue for this purpose there no particular glue to apply on patches.

First of all, you have to make sure that your backpack is clean if your bag is not clean than clean it by using a cloth or towel. After cleaning place the patch at the place where you want to put it on your backpack.

Now apply the glue at the back of the patch and stick it on to your backpack before sewing, it will resist the patch to be displaced. Then you must leave the patch for 5 to 10 minutes to get dry before handle it, after that, you can sew the patch easily

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Pick the thread of a similar color or a contrast color, it depends on you that you much creative you are. Cut off the thread approximately 20-30 cm and put it into a needle and keep it single. One more thing that you have to keep in your mind that don’t double the threads over a needle, and then tie a knot at the end after putting the thread in the needle.

The next step is to cut off the extra thread after tying the knot but leave 1cm after the knot. Let’s begin sewing; you have to start sewing from behind the patch. Because start behind the patch helps to hide the first knot if the thread appears at the front of the patch then it will seem awful.

how to sew on a patch

You should use a “whip stitch” method of sewing for putting the patch on your backpack. The whip stitching grabs a bit of the base stuff and then a bit of the patch, now repeat the method till the point where you start sewing from.

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After reaching the endpoint of sewing now you have to needle twice around the last loop and then pull the needle after that you have to cut the thread only a bit distance away from the last loop of the thread.

In the last of the sewing method of putting the patch, I would like to give a tip to you. If you have a thick patch then use a thimble or the back of a pair of scissors to push the needle into the patch. If you did not know how to sew on a patch, I hope to know you can sew your favorite patch on your backpack easily.

Final Words

I want to conclude that before putting the patches on your backpack, do keep in mind the color contrast and the color combination of the patches and the backpack. Some people are quite creative and they not only put the patches on their backpack but also by using little creativity they make the putting on patches quite beautiful. 

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Suppose you are not a creative person and you do not have some creative idea then don’t worry I have some secret just follow them and make your backpack eye-catching and attractive.

You can make your backpack stylish only by choosing the great placement of patches, by choosing the good thread color and by stitching perfectly. There is no method that will help you to find out the answer to your question that how to put patches on your backpack that you must follow, I expect that you got my point.

OK let see what Reddit says about putting patches

What are you waiting for? Go and put some special patches on your backpack that you have collected from different places.

Can you use iron-on patches on backpacks?

Turn on the iron on the hottest setting (avoid using steam) and put on the table or other hard heat-resistant surface. However, don’t use an ironing board as it has too much padding. Place the patches on the desired on the backpack. To apply each patch individually, layer ironing cloth between the patch and iron. Covering with heat evenly, press down on patch for 30 seconds.

Is it better to iron or sew on a patch?

Ironing is a better and easiest way to get a patch on your backpack or jackets. You can iron it with just an iron because everyone has access to it. On the other hand, Sewing is a tough process; most people do not have access to it. 

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