super ultralight backpacking gear list 2020

super ultralight backpacking gear list 2020

It has been about two months when I joined my friends on the trip. There were diverse areas we had to visit on this trip. The massive number of items were there to be packed. I was worried about my luggage, but after having the super ultralight backpacking gear list, this problem of mine vanished. This gear list added to my endurance up to a great extent. Now, you have to pack the things keeping in view the instructions given by the backpacking gear list.

This list included all the things you need to carry with you on your way to trips. Keeping in view this packing in your mind, you may easily carry out your plans to far-flung areas. Having explored new things during my trip, I thought that why should I not share this super ultralight backpacking gear list to make their choice easy and convenient for the people who face such a problem. There is no science involved in this; you have to use common sense to make your journey thrilling and enjoy.

So, here we will be discussing different problems that people face, and then I will tell you about the solutions to these problems. This thing must not be left without telling you that this gear helped me out in the harshest weather and on my way on dangerous hiking. Having experienced much other paraphernalia, I concluded that this super ultralight backpacking gear list is one of the best gear lists.

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So, here I am going to tell you about the details of this gear list which will excellently assist you in your backpack. You must not miss any of the words of this precious writing to bring you in ease when you go for trips. Just try it and explore the world.

super ultralight backpacking gear list: 2020

These are several things included in this gear list, and the most important thing is that you will not find any necessary item which is not involved in this list. Ultralight packing includes 10 Lbs._ or less than this. So, here we have a gear list that has a base weight of 8.5 Lbs.

Sr No
Name of the gear
Weight of the gear
1 Pack 13.1 oz.
2 Pack liner 0.5 oz.
3 Footprint 21.05 oz.
4 Tent 0.5 oz.
5 Sleeping bag 20 oz.
6 Sleeping pad 10 oz.
7 Pillow 1.9 oz.
8 Knife 0.5 oz.
9 Lighter 0.5 oz.
10 Stove 3.2 oz.
11 Towel 0.9 oz.
12 Water filter 2.4 oz.
13 Water container 1.0 oz.
14 Rain jacket 6.4 oz.
15 Sleeping top 5.3 oz.
16 Camping shoe 6.0 oz.
17 Camping socks 2.0 oz.
18 Phone 5.1 oz.
19 Charger 0.5 oz.
20 Battery 2.4 oz.
21 Headphones 1.2 oz.
22 Stuff sack 2.0 oz.
23 Plastic bag 0.2 oz.
24 Wallet 0.4 oz.
25 Toothbrush 0.5 oz.
26 Toothpaste 0.5 oz.
27 Toilet paper 0.1 oz.
28 Hand sanitizer 0.6 oz.
29 Earplugs 0.1 oz.
30 Pain reliever 0.0 oz.
31 Anti-Diarrhea 0.0 oz.
32 Wound cleaning solution 0.1 oz.

Gear list of weight 8.5 Lbs.:

8.5 Lbs._ weight lies in the ultralight packing. This is hard to believe that in this weight, you may have all the required things of your journey. This gear list includes each and everything that possesses the ability to serve you in the best manners. Having too much low weight would readily assist you in your trips. So, the following things are included in the list.

Footprint and tent:                                                                                                           

super ultralight backpacking gear list 2020

Footprint and tenet appear to be the essential need when it comes to the gear of ultralight packingThe weight of the tent and footprint is 21.05 oz. And 1.0 oz. Respectively. These are the necessary things for your camping, and camping in this much weight is laudable indeed.

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Pack and pack liner:

Your preparation can never be completed unless it includes pack and pack liner. Both of these are frameless because these are made keeping in view for the lightweight use. Pack liner is a trash compactor which provides the best protection against water. The weight of the pack and pack liner is 13.1 oz. and 0.5 oz. respectively.

Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and pillow:

The title for the Ultralight backpack gear list 2020 goes with this gear list. So, here we have a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and pillow. All these things are essential when it comes to rest when you are on your trips. But, there must be lightweight that can reduce your effort. The synthetic insulation of the sleeping bag makes it impressive, while the 40 degrees angle of the sleeping pad is also unusual. The weight of the sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and pillow is 20.0 oz. 10.0 oz. And 1.9 oz. respectively.

Knife, lighter, stove, and towel:

Knife, lighter, stove, and towel, all these things keep primary importance either you are at home or out of the house. At Appalachian, there remains an extreme cold, and you might have to use stove there for multi-purposes, and lighter is must to lit the stove. So, these are essential things to carry with. The weight of the knife, lighter, stove, and towel is 0.5 oz. 0.5 oz. 3.2 oz. and 0.9 oz. respectively. This gear list is equally recommended for the women backpack gear list with little changes.

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Water filter and water container:

You need to filter the water when you are at heights or in the woods. Because it is rare to find clean water there. Along with this, you also have to store the water for your way forward. So, this water filter and water container are the best in this regard. The weight is 2.4 oz. and 1.0 oz. respectively for filter and container.

Rain jacket and sleeping top:

This ultralight backpacking gear list includes a rain jacket and sleeping top. Usually, the temperature remains in minus, and the weather becomes harsh and freezing. To avoid this harshness of weather, rain jacket and sleeping top are essential. The weight of the rain jacket and the sleeping top is 6.4 oz. and 5.3 oz. respectively.

Camping shoe and camping socks:

Camping shoes and camping jacket appear to be one of the most important in this ultralight backpacking list. These are made up of pure wool which resists cold enter the shoe, and also avoids the slipping. The weight of these camping shoes and camping socks is 6.0 oz. 2.0 oz. respectively.

Phone and chargers:

Phone stays at the top priority of the people, as this is the best way to keep in touch with people. Hand in hand, charger to charge this phone is also of equal importance. So, this ultralight backpacking gear list includes this too. The weight of this phone and charger is 5.1 0z. and 0.5 0z. respectively. Almost all cell phones lie in this weight range.

Battery and headphones:

Electric batteries serve you the best when it is dark. Headphones have also gained substantial importance in the present world. So, this ultralight backpacking gear list 2020, suggests these things. The minor weight of these things does not add too much in the baseload of the gears. The weight of the battery and headphones is 2.4 oz. and 1.2 oz. respectively.

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Stuff sack, plastic bag, and wallet:

While going on the trip, there remains a bunch of things, and all these things need to be packed. Stuff sack appears to be the best option for this. Along with this, the plastic bag and wallet are also very important. The stuff sack is also the best choice for ultralight backpacking clothes. The weight of the stuff sack, plastic bag, and wallet is 2.0 oz. 0.2 oz. and 0.4 oz. respectively.

Toothbrush and toothpaste:

Either at home or at the trip, toothbrush and toothpaste are essential. The place has been kept in this ultralight backpacking gear list. The weight of toothbrush and toothpaste is 0.5 oz. for both. Having seen all these things, you may have a better idea about the efficiency of this backpack light gear list.

Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and Earplugs:

There is a reason behind the fact that this list one of the best ultralight backpacking gear list 2020. It comprises of all the things which are necessary. Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and earplugs are also included in the list. While on the trip, all of these three things carry huge importance. Their weights are respectively 0.1 oz. 0.6 oz. and 0.1 oz. respectively.

Pain reliever, anti-Diarrhea, and wound cleaning:

Injuries and diseases are unconditional and can attack at any time. So, when you are on the trip, you must keep all these things with you. There are four pills of pain reliever and anti-diarrhea. The wound cleaning is also necessary. The weight of the pain reliever and anti-diarrhea is considered zero. The weight of wound cleaning is 0.1 oz. These things are also important is women’s backpacking gear list.

super ultralight backpacking gear list
super ultralight backpacking gear list 2020

The base weight of this super ultralight backpacking gear list is 8.5 oz. Most of the things have been mentioned above, but remaining can be checked from here. There are countless benefits of this super ultralight backpacking gear list. It is admitted the fact that all these things are essential for the trips.

Because heavyweight cannot be carried when you are on tour. The heavyweight increases the chances of injuries, which may halt your way to further exploration. This gear list is equally effective for women backpacking gear list. The backpacking method has already been told in an earlier post. Bear in mind all these things and make your journey as well as cherishing.

Meanwhile, more things could be added according to your exceptional needs. I did not add the consumable material like food and other eatables because most of the time, you do not carry these things right from home. Other than this, all the necessary details and things have mentioned above. You may easily buy all the above-mentioned things from any shopping store.

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What is considered ultralight backpacking? 

Carrying out plans and tours have become the fashion and desire of the day. Friends collectively participate in many tours and trips. But, there remains a question in their minds that what should be packed or what should be left. Because there are a lot of things which can be taken, but ultimately they would bring you in trouble more than the convenience they provide. So, weight should be kept minimum as much as you can. Now, there erupts a question of what is considered ultralight backpacking?

So, Ultralight backpacking is an art more than a science. No scientific rule is applied to make your packing ultralight backpacking, but certain things and practices. But, the ultralight backpacking must be chosen, keeping in view the requirement. Most of the time, the visiting place decides the way of your backpacking. Ultralight backpacking is suitable when you are planning to visit the long trails of the USA, like the Appalachians, continental divide trail. For the hot and sandy places, you must choose something different in your gearing list.

What should be the base weight?

Do not be stupid while choosing your gears for your trips. Always select that thing, which gives you the maximum benefit with minimum weight. It must not be thought that keeping the wait lowest would bring you to ease, and sometimes it may also put you in trouble. There must be all the things you may need on your trips. To avoid these things, always carry all necessary and important gear with you. These gears may be a little different for women backpacking gear list, but most of the items remain the same in both of the gear lists for men and women. Either your gear is heavy or lightweight, safety must be given first and foremost priority.

When I was on my tour, I realized a few mistakes in choosing my gear list. So, I do not want you to make the same mistakes as these mistakes may give you tough times. Base weight matters a lot, but safety precautions and other necessary things must be kept in to account. Usually, the base weight should not exceed 20 lbs. But it also depends on the areas you are going to visit. The above-given list comprises of only 8.5 lbs.

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How should I pack for three days’ hike?

Being lightweight should not be a choice only. Instead, all the other needs must be kept in mind. Mostly, there arises a question in the minds of people who plan to go for a hike that how should they pack for the three days’ hike. You can also pack for a hike of more than three days. There are minor alterations in the hiking packing of three days and more than three days.

I concluded that you could subtract the items once you reach your destination. For hiking, it is obvious that there will be cold weather.

Hand in hand, there will also be snow, which may further aggravate the situation. So, for hiking gear list, there must be camping boots and camping socks that facilitate you to have a better grip on the ground. Other than this, all the above-given gear list is the best suited for the hike. There are few which can be skipped in case of three days’ hike. The majors’ gear required for the three days hiking is given. Nothing can be missed out of these things, which have been given below.

The basic things:

There must be a sleeping system included in the gear. This sleeping system should comprise of the sleeping pad, sleeping top, and pillow. Along with this, shelter is a must, which includes tents and pyramids. Hand in hand, the importance of the backpack cannot be overthrown. In the backpack, there are a pack, lining pack, and stuff sack. The rest of the things include stove, lighter, utensils, batteries, charger, and wound cleaning solution. Other things about the requirement can also be added to the gear list. According to my personal experience, this ultralight backpacking gear list allows you to make full enjoyment of your hiking.

The sleeping system:                                                                                                              The sleeping system

The sleeping system carries primary importance when it comes to the gear of hiking. After the day’s long hiking, one feels exhausted and tired. So, there must be a good arrangement for a sleeping system.  NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad is the best choice that one can make. The reasonable weight of this sleeping system adds in the plus points of this system. The weight is only 12 oz. to 16 oz. The variation of the weight occurs due to the change in the size of the sleeping system. This is equally durable for the women ultralight

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backpacking gear list.

If I tell you about the sleeping bag that can assist you in your sleep, the Western Mountaineering Ultralite sleeping bag appears to be the best choice. This adds in the comfort of the user up to a great extent. Similarly, if I tell you about the camp pillow, there will be no better choice than Stuff Sack Pillow.


It sounds stupid if someone arranges all other things except shelter. The shelter should be the topmost priority of every person going for hiking either for three days of more than this. There should be made no compromise when it comes to the shelter. Having huge experience ultralight backpacking for the hiking, these two Echo II Ultralight Shelter System or a Flat Tarp the best options to explore. The weight of both these shelters lies between 16 oz. to 20 oz. This lightweight shelter would not bother you during your hiking. I would suggest that they always make the best choice.

Pack system:

The pack system is one of the most important parts of your gear list when you are on your way to hiking. Whatever the place you choose for the hiking, that will be possessing harsh and cold weather. Other than this, the temperature remains in minus and offers great resistance for the hikers. So, while listing your gear, you must keep in mind that your pack system should be strong enough to withstand the harshness of the weather.

Hand in hand, it must have the capability to offer a considerable resistance for water. Because fog is obvious at the higher points of hiking, so it becomes inevitable for you to choose the pack system which can better serve you in this regard. let see what quora say 

The method of stuffing of sack also keeps huge importance. So, this step should be performed with great care. If I talk about the best sack system, Hyperlite Mountain Gear Windrider Pack comes up with the best choice to make. Abiding by the gear list that I am telling you, it will be convenient for you to enjoy your hiking in a better way.

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Rest of the stuff:

The rest of the stuff involves all other things which have not been included yet. The camp shoe and camp socks are the most important, and carry the primary importance in this regard. Along with this, other things like the stove, lighter, knife, and batteries are also very important and essential. This is the complete gear list for the hiking of three days. The best answer has been given to those who think that how should I pack for three days of hiking.


Why should I choose the ultralight backpacking gear list?

There comes a question in the minds of many people that why should I choose the ultralight backpacking gear list. There are the following benefits of choosing this method.

  • The weight is reduced considerably.
  • Extra things are eliminated from the gear.
  • Less weight adds huge comfort for the traveler.
  • Reduced base weight becomes easy to handle.
  • The energy of the bode remains for a longer time,
  • You find all the necessary things you may need on your trip.
  • Less weight possesses less space and hence avoids occupying more place.

 What should be kept in mind while choosing gear:

The choice of gear must be made with huge care. The following things must be kept in mind while choosing your gear.

  • Avoid unnecessary weight, as it may add to your difficulties.
  • Do not subtract the important things considering the limit of weight is over.
  • Always prefer the best quality gear for you.
  • Must keep wound cleaning solution as you may easily come across any minor injury.

What is a good base weight for ultralight backpacking?

For example, if your base watch is less than 10 pounds, then you can consider an ultralight backpacker. And if your base weight is under 20 pounds, then you can consider a lightweight backpacker.  Traditionally, most backpackers have a base weight under 30 pounds.


What is considered ultralight backpacking?

Ultralight backpacking is a technique of backpacking for a given trip in which we carry the simplest and lightest gear. Mostly traditional backpacks weight 30 pounds (14kg), and even some have 60 pounds (27 kg).

Are ultralight backpacks worth it?

Yes, Ultralight backpacking is worth it. In case if you have a lighter bag, you would carry it easily. You will carry the bag without overburdening yourself. The lighter bag feels you more comfortable and can travel over challenging areas more easily.

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