What size backpack for travelling? Review 2020

What size backpack for traveling? Review 2020

By choosing the perfect size of your backpack, you can make your journey more delightful. There are many sizes of backpack available in a market that you can buy easily, but do you know What size backpack for traveling? You might not!

What Size Backpack For Travelling?

Before going toward the perfect backpack, let’s come to the different sizes currently available in the market place. The backpack size range usually starts from 15L and goes beyond to 120L. 15L is too small and 120L is too large.

 What Size Backpack For Traveling?

I have analyzed 35L to 45L size count as carrying on size limit. But how do I choose a backpack for traveling? This size limit is still a query that needs to be answered.

In this article, I would present to you the different sizes and capacities of those sizes. Additionally, we will discuss on what backpack size is best for airline restrictions?

The size of the backpack also depends on how long you are going on traveling? And what would be the weather or climate of that place?

By giving some examples, I’ll make sure you the best size backpack for your happy journey. Read this article until the end and do make sure your backpack is fulfilling the rules of the airline by which you are going to travel.

What period of traveling is yours?

Though now you have different sizes for different time periods you have to analyze first what would be your period of traveling? Otherwise, maybe you would choose the wrong size of a backpack that will spoil your whole trip.

Before going to choose the size of a backpack, firstly just research your airline’s rules carefully. If you’ll not consider this aspect very much at the time of researching then maybe you have to pay extra charges as well as your backpack would be checked by the airline, not in a good manner.

When it comes to the sizes of the backpack, you need to make sure “what is a good size for a travel backpack?” according to your clothes, essentials, and other stuff.    

Let’s take an example, according to your requirements backpack size should be 30L but because you don’t know how big is a 30L backpack? You choose 35L or 40L. Now, this 35 or 45L will bother you. Because these are the sizes those don’t hit your needs at all.

Aside from this, is a 50L backpack enough? For short trips like for a few months, absolutely yes! You ought to choose 50 to 55L backpack size.

You can choose any size of a backpack for months‘ trips in the range of 50-55L. Don’t think that is a 55L backpack big enough?

As I said that 50-55L would be big enough for your month’s trip, you can buy choose any size from 50L to 55L. After analyzing a lot I have found 35-45L size range is carry on size backpack. “Is a 60L backpack a carry on size?” is a question that must come to your mind. Not really 60L is a bit more than a carry on size.

                  Hiking                          Camping                        Business trip

Apart from duration, the type of your trip is also an important factor to think about. For example, if you are going for hiking you can’t carry 70L, 80 to 120L size backpack because you will have to walk or run on uneven grounds. Certainly, you will found mountainous or another terrain.

For the mountainous area, you should go with a smaller size for your ease and comfort so that you will feel freer to move quickly.

The best size for hiking is 35-45L or 50-55L. Again the size of your backpack depends on the time period of the trip too. But you can pack more in less space if you know how to pack tactfully.

Now it’s time to discuss what size of backpack should be for camping? I think the same size backpack would be going for camping but if you are willing to carry your tent or jackets with you, you can think about 60-70L so you should use an external frame.

A business trip is the most important thing among all. The reason is that we have to travel through airlines and some airlines have very strict rules like budget airlines. Carefully consider all the restrictions of the budget airline, if you are moving through this.

Usually, people carry with them less weight on business trips and this is the more likely way to travel for a business trip. You can do laundry more often instead of taking too many clothes.

For business trips, I would recommend a 15-30L backpack size. You will enjoy your business trip within this range of backpack size.

The downside of carrying many backpacks for a business trip is that you would have to keep an eye on your backpack more than your actual motive of the trip.

The standard size of a backpack?


Although, above headings explain for different sorts of trips what is a good size if a travel backpack?

But remember that try to stick with a standard stand that is 35L to 45L for any type or duration of the trip or traveling. Well, this is the standard size according to my research and experience. I always travel with this standard size backpacks.

Most travel experts have suggested that one should travel with only the things that are necessary to carry with. Then you will explore more with freedom of weight and stress.

Instead of spending more money on large size backpack, it’s more advantageous to spend less for the best. This would save your money and efforts for searching the best size travel backpack too.  

There are many benefits to go with a standard size backpack. Few of them are listed below;

  • Easy to carry. That means you would have to carry less stress on your back.
  • The more comfortable you will, the more charming your journey would be.
  • If you would have less weight, you will not have to worry about airline restrictions.
  • In most airlines, this is the standard size of a travel backpack.
  • A standard size backpack is quite beneficial for your physical and mental health

What are the features to look for the best travel backpack?

Except for size, there are some important features to consider for buying a perfect travel backpack. Because of the combination of best size and features, the best travel backpack would come.

  • Before investing for a new backpack do make sure that should be comfortable first.
  • The backpack should be water-resistant or included a rain cover.
  • Easy to carry on either shoulder or in hand.
  • Padded laptop compartment for better protection of your belongings.
  • Waist straps should be there for distributing the weight evenly.
  • For back Support padded back, the panel is mandatory.
  • Attractive looks, durability, and lightweight are also important aspects.

Final Thoughts

There are a plethora of sizes and features of travel backpack out there, from which some I have explained in this article.

You can just take help from this article for buying the best size travel back because of course, no one knows what are your actual needs and requirements are? The decision you would make for you will be the most beneficial for yourself.

Estimate your period of the journey, type of trip, and do make what is the weather of that place where you are going. If there is a cold-weather there you would have to take jackets and heavy coats with you, for them which size backpack you will be required.

But if you are going to the place where the weather is hot, you need to go with a small size backpack.

What size backpack for traveling? It depends on different factors.

Before leaving for the airport thoroughly read the Backpack Size Chart of your airline to avoid penalty.

I have suggested different sizes of travel backpack as I have analyzed different needs and requirements. You can pick your desired size of the backpack according to your stuff and your requirements. 

for recommendations, you visit Reddit. 

Is a 40l backpack big enough for Travelling?

Usually, a range of 30l to 40l is suitable for all types of Traveling, no matter the length of the trip. A bag from this range is fit for everything you need and easy to carry. 

What is the best backpack for Travelling?

  • Nomatic Travel Bag – Overall Best
  • Osprey Aether 70L – Best for Men (Large)
  • Osprey Farpoint 40L – Best for Men(Carry on)
  • Osprey Aura 50L – Best for Women (Large)
  • Osprey Farview 40L – Best for Women (Carry on)
  • Active Roots Foldable Daypack – Best Daypack for Travel
  • Tortuga Outbreaker –Best Full-Size Carry On
  • Osprey Ozone 42L – With Wheels
  • WANDRD PRVKE 31 – Camera Backpack 
  • Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack – Travel Bag for Laptops

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